By Shirley B. Berardo


The United States Department of Agriculture loan application for the Cane Bay Plantation Firehouse is almost complete and all involved are very confident that the funding will be approved by end of August, no later than end of year.  Why does this matter to us?  By not having a Fire Department within 5-mile radius, our home insurance rates are higher.  But, mainly because this is a dangerous situation for our families. 


The Cane Bay Plantation Firehouse Fundraising Committee (FFC) is inching off the starter line in the race of our lives.  Each of us have personal stories which propel us to race as fast as possible to the finish line.  Where is the finish line?  It is where we hand Chief Timothy Stephenson of Whitesville Fire Department, a very large check to purchase whatever is needed to ensure our Cane Bay Plantation Firehouse, staff, uniforms, equipment, etc., are top quality!   Our goal is to assist them in performing at the highest level to protect each one of us in Cane Bay Plantation and the surrounding area. 


The FFC is dedicated to developing fundraising programs in which you may participate, or not.  You may wish to make a direct personal donation.   You may wish to be a Fundraising Committee member…we more than welcome you - need all the assistance we can muster.   Whatever manner you choose to be a part of the fundraising campaign is certainly your choice. 

We will need volunteers working with us from each Cane Bay Plantation Development to create an overall Cane Bay Plantation Action Plan.  Good communications between the developments is essential so not to be working against each other.  Hopefully, you too can muster the troops and organize fundraising programs within your neighborhoods.  


Marty Ryan, a Del Webb resident, is our Liaison to the Whitesville Rural Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors.


Programs already in process and/or in plan:

Firehouse Fundraising Chili Fest – DW Residents Only

Holiday Elegant High Tea (Possibly include Fashion Show) DW Residents only

Cookbook – Cane Bay Plantation Residents.

Camellia Manor – Outside Luncheon or Dinner – Tent if necessary – Cane Bay Plantation

And much more… 


Please contact Shirley Berardo at if you require additional information to donate and/or wish to become a Firehouse Fundraising Committee member.  Help us all to make our Cane Bay Plantation community a safe place to live! 



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