Fundraising Chairman Letter


To Whom It May Concern:


The residents of Cane Bay Plantation are expressing concern, about a very serious matter affecting all current and future residents.  That is, the lack of Fire and EMT emergency services within the Cane Bay Plantation area.  The Whitesville Fire Chief noted the average time to reach our community in an emergency is 20 minutes.  We understand this is not the department's fault, however, it is unacceptable.


Therefore, this provides the rationale for building and equipping the Whitesville Firehouse at Cane Bay as soon as possible.  A Federal Loan of 3 Million dollars has been approved to build the Firehouse.  While the loan covers the building, additional funds for uniforms, office furniture, computers, fire equipment are required through grants, fundraising events, and business and private donations.


While fundraising events are ongoing within Del Webb community and planned for within the greater Cane Bay Plantation, we require your help to accomplish our goal of raising sufficient funds for the additional Whitesville Firehouse at Cane Bay necessities.


The Whitesville Firehouse of Cane Bay can only achieve its goals with the assistance of volunteer time and/or generous donations from our community. Without such, it could be many years for the Whitesville Firehouse at Cane Bay to be fully establish and equipped.


We thank you in advance for your generosity of self and/or funding!  If you wish to send a financial donation, please make checks payable to:  Whitesville Firehouse of Cane Bay and mail to Steve Resnick, Fundraising Committee Treasurer, 533 Eastern Isle Avenue, Summerville, SC 29486.  Thank you for all you are to our community.





                                                                                               Shirley B. Berardo
                                                                                               Firehouse at Cane Bay 
                                                                                               Fundraising Committee Chairperson


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