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Photos from Berkeley County Council Meeting September 25, 2017.  Jack Schurlknight is standing to my left.  
When disagreeable comments are voiced, it is essential opposing opinion also is voiced, else one is viewed as agreeing and that cannot be.   Never should a child be harmed due to lack of timely Fire/EMTS protection.  What would that say about all of us!   We, the residents, each must do our best to build a Cane Bay Plantation safe environment.  Although I was prepared to speak about the Firehouse, Councilman Jack Schurlknight and Chief Timothy Stevenson spoke to that issue.  I then spoke to the Cane Bay’s North road to Moncks Corner and installing “Sand Shale” which hardens like cement, until the “real” road is constructed so Firetrucks can access Cane Bay Plantation residents without traveling 17A to 176 and entering Cane Bay front entrance.  Also spoke to the need for “Transparency”.  We must improve our communication between the Council and Cane Bay residents so everyone is aware of the Firehouse at Cane Bay process and timely status.  This would ease resident’s tensions and assist with fundraising.  Lastly, I noted my belief in “Partnerships”.  In this case Council, Firehouse and Residents.  My comments were well received by Council and attendees.  A council member descended the Dias to share a handshake, but decided a hug would be better, followed by a second hug from Mr. Schurlknight.  Let us hope and pray all will move along quickly before a disaster occurs.  Mr. Schurlknight, our District 6 BC Council Representative and I are to meet to discuss the above.  
Shirley Berardo
Firehouse at Cane Bay Fundraising Chairperson









William W. Peagler, III

County Supervisor

PO Box 6122 Moncks Corner, SC 29461

Business: 843-719-4094

Email: bill.peagler@berkeleycountysc.gov









Jack H. Schurlknight

County Council District 6

P.O. Box 1582 Moncks Corner, SC 29461

Cell: 843-830-1804

Email: Schurlknight.jack@gmail.com









Caldwell Pinckneym Jr.

County Coucil District 7

2509 Highway 311

Cross SC 29436

Business: 803-492-3150

Home: 843-753-7377

Email: caldwell.pinckney@berkeleycountysc.gov




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